• AMTL Laboratuvarı/AMTL Lab

  • Seçici Lazer Ergitme Yöntemiyle Üretilen Malzemenin Yüzeyindeki Kısmen Erimiş Tozlar / Partially Melted Powders on the Surface of the Material Produced by the Selective Laser Melting Method

  • Yüzey Topografisi/ Surface Topography

  • Faz dönüşümü and XRD Analizi / Phase Transformation

  • İmalat Sonrası Malzeme Mikroyapısı/ Machining-induced Microstructure

  • Seçici Lazer Ergitme Yöntemiyle Üretilen Inconel 718 Malzemenin Yüzey Topografisi / Surface Topography of Additively Manufactured (SLM) Inconel 718

  • Seçici Lazer Ergitme Yöntemiyle Üretilen 316L Malzemenin Mikroyapısı / Microstructure of Additively Manufactured (SLM) 316L Stainless Steel

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Welcome to Dr. Kaynak’s website


Dr. Kaynak received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Kentucky, USA. He focused on the machining  phase transformation, surface integrity and mechanical behavior of shape memory alloys during his PhD study. His PhD research work was supported by American National Aeronautical and Space Agency (NASA).

Dr. Kaynak worked as an Assistant Professor in between June 2014-April 2015 and since April 2015 he has been working as an Associate Professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Marmara University.

He founded the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Laboratory (AMTL) at Mechanical Engineering Department in 2015. Dr.Kaynak was PI (Principal Investigator) on research projects funded by TUBITAK (The Scientific and technological Research Council of Turkey) and Marmara University. He has been PI on ongoing six projects funded by TUBITAK and Marmara University. Beside, he has been closely collaborating with the manufacturing industry in Turkey by consulting them on their research and R&D projects.

Dr. Kaynak has been also contributing the international scientific platforms. He was chair, co-chair and/or special session organizer of some international scientific events such as International Congress on Machining, International Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Congress.

Dr. Kaynak has been serving as a Associate Technical Editor for Machining Science and Technology: An International Journal, indexed in SCI-Expanded, and serving as Subject Editor (Mechanical Engineering) for International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Pure Sciences.

Dr. Kaynak’s research interest includes modeling and optimization of machining processes, surface integrity aspect of metal components (microstructure, phase transformation, microhardness, residual stress, etc.) characterization and modeling of surface integrity aspects of alloys, post processing and surface integrity characteristics of metal components produced by Additive Manufacturing, metal forming process (forging, rolling,etc.) and resulting mechanical characteristics.

Dr. Kaynak have been published more than 30 articles in peer reviewed prestigious international journals and more than 60 papers presented  at prestigious conferences and symposium.




Marmara University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Laboratory (E-4), Faculty of Technology, Goztepe Campus, 34722 Kadikoy- ISTANBUL, TURKEY
 Phone: 0216 336 5770/1427  e-mail: yusuf.kaynak@marmara.edu.tr

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